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Logistics Specialist

Position type: full time
Release time: December 4, 2020
Effective date: February 4, 2021
Basic requirements: no limit on age and sex
Job description:
1. Optimize the operation process and maintain the existing logistics providers, develop new logistics suppliers, and reduce transportation costs and risks (international export direction);
2. Optimize the logistics channel, pay attention to the market pricing at any time, reasonably arrange the logistics plan, and closely cooperate with the procurement to ensure the punctuality of the goods transportation;
3. Responsible for the logistics tracking, status updating and cargo transportation risk control during the period from product delivery to overseas warehouse;
4. Be responsible for the sorting of domestic export and overseas customs clearance data;
5. Update relevant reports regularly, and complete the connection between departments with quality and quantity;
1. Bachelor degree or above, CET-4 or above, major in international trade and supply chain is preferred;
2. More than two years' working experience in cross-border e-commerce logistics is preferred;
3. Proficient in excel is preferred, and overseas logistics experience is preferred;
Good at self-discipline, logical, self-discipline, good at working and management;


Logistics Specialist

Position type: transportation / logistics / warehouse management
Basic requirements: no limit on age and sex
Job description:
Beijing 9K logistics specialist has excellent treatment [three free meals]:
The company provides 4-6-person dormitory free of charge, equipped with air-conditioning, bathroom, WiFi, wardrobe, washing machine, balcony, brand-new dormitory
4 hours of hot water supply, staff dormitory security, sanitation. The company has a large restaurant Chinese and Western cooks, breakfast, lunch and dinner free of charge:
Bread + milk + eggs + steamed buns + eight treasure porridge, rice + big meat + small meat + vegetables + Soup + noodles + steamed bread + dumplings and so on
Employees can choose their own meals

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People oriented, win-win cooperation is our basic business philosophy. We respect customer evaluation, pursue high quality and low price as our core values, create value for customers as our mission, and strive to become one of the best cost-effective first-class companies in the field of domestic land logistics.



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