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After nearly 20 years of accumulation and precipitation, Zhongrun Yida logistics has developed into a well-known third-party logistics management company in China. Headquartered in Tianjin Binhai New Area plosteda international logistics park, it consists of North China less than carload distribution center, Tianjin Development Zone VMI and hub service center, South China (Guangzhou) Pearl River Delta distribution center, etc. the number of employees is nearly 200, the inventory area is more than 30000 square meters, and there are hundreds of forklifts, trucks, vans, all kinds of loading and unloading professional tools and equipment
Tianjin Zhongrun Yida Logistics Co., Ltd. was established on September 16, 1998, mainly engaged in international freight forwarding and domestic sea land combined transportation business. On March 20, 2000, it began to transfer to more challenging domestic road transportation management, mainly engaged in domestic highway vehicle less than carload transportation and warehouse management. In May 2004, when ISO9000:2000 quality certification began, SAP agile business concept and SAP Business, the largest management software company in the world, were introduced One information system, with the development of world information network science and technology in March 2009, Tianjin Zhongrun Yida logistics put into the network information technology. As long as the conditions are available on the Internet, you can query the transportation information (TMS) and warehouse inventory details (WMS) anytime and anywhere, so as to provide customers with more complex and faster logistics services A new stage of development.
Since 1998, the company has been engaged in warehousing and transportation logistics management work, 16 years has never been interrupted. From simple warehouse management to the most complex VMI mode. Over the years, we have been learning from customers and logistics management professors and experts from famous scientific research institutes in China. We have formed a stable management mode and rich operation experience. It can deal with more complex automobile parts, fast moving consumer goods, chemical products, mechanical parts and other refined operations.
1. Main business: integrated third-party logistics management solutions; road transportation (vehicle less than carload door-to-door transportation, domestic and international sea and land combined transportation); warehousing (general goods, special goods).
2. Value added: packing / labeling, disassembly and assembly, ironing, repackaging, collection and payment on behalf of payment, agent inspection of goods, import and export declaration and inspection and other authorization matters.
3. Special services: customized VMI and JIT services for enterprises in the development zone.

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People oriented, win-win cooperation is our basic business philosophy. We respect customer evaluation, pursue high quality and low price as our core values, create value for customers as our mission, and strive to become one of the best cost-effective first-class companies in the field of domestic land logistics.



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