Port services

Focus on integrated port logistics, international multimodal transport; provide domestic transportation of containers, general cargo and large equipment; undertake general trade logistics and free trade zone logistics.
LCL service
Deposit and order exchange service
Short barge for truck transportation
Import and export packing service
Temporary storage

Transportation is to provide domestic and foreign customers, subsidiaries, overseas companies and overseas partners with import transportation from all over the world to Chinese ports, import customs inspection declaration, import control and service guarantee.
Transportation focuses on integrated port logistics and international multimodal transport; provides domestic transportation of containers, general cargo and large equipment; undertakes logistics supply chain management services of general trade logistics, free trade zone logistics, exhibition logistics, cold chain logistics, personal goods, food, cosmetics, automobile and auto parts, electronic components, furniture, home furnishings and special goods.
Transportation focuses on customer demand and provides professional, efficient and economical customized sea transportation service solutions.
Natural waterway: it is not restricted by roads and tracks. It can be extended in all directions, with stronger passing capacity and easier transportation task.
Large transport volume: the sea transportation has a large volume, which can transport large and heavy goods. The loading capacity of the fifth generation container ship has exceeded 5000TEU.
Low freight: the marine transportation channel is formed naturally, the port facilities are generally built by the government, the ship carrying capacity is large, the service time is long, the transportation mileage is long, and the unit transportation cost is low.

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People oriented, win-win cooperation is our basic business philosophy. We respect customer evaluation, pursue high quality and low price as our core values, create value for customers as our mission, and strive to become one of the best cost-effective first-class companies in the field of domestic land logistics.



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